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Search engine optimization is a somewhat irregular field because there are so few consistencies that keep it all together.

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Leaning Into Google's Rulebook, and Using Video and Text in SEO

Search engine optimization is a somewhat irregular field because there are so few consistencies that keep it all together. The broad strokes have generally remained the same, but the way they are accomplished has changed dramatically. For example, SEO has always benefited from great content. Content that embeds right wording with popularity and complete search engine optimization some attention to detail will generally chart higher on concept alone. But now SEO favors variety on the content itself. Different lengths of articles show some conscious changing up of content, and Google appreciates that.

Content does not always need to be 350-500 words, and not all topics necessarily deserve that length. Google is favoring variety, and that extends to video as well. An online marketing company is seeking the favoritism that is explored by Google and seeking to find how much Google values one specific element of SEO over another. They update their algoritm often which keeps marketers on their toes as well as contributes to the inconsistency of the field. But this has generally improved SEo for the better, despite accelerating the decline of many developing SEO companies.

Adding the Edge to Video Content

Video content is a great way to add some variety to a website. But many companies take the video craze too seriously and mistakenly write off (no pun intended) the written word. There is a balance to be found, and video content can be a great tool but certainly not an alternative. A video should generally be quick and snappy, a broad introduction. Adding videos in a blog page is effective, but Google also likes it when a web page embeds videos directly into the page as opposed to just YouTube linking. This shows an enhanced professionalism that is greatly valued. There is no specific evidence of how much video is favored in SEO, but a professional seo company encourages a nice balance of video content. A fair number seems to be about 20% of the total pool of content.

When Text is Superior

Text is far more effective for the technical details or for outlining a quick frequently asked question page. Individuals can skim through the information and find exactly what they want as opposed to waiting for it in a video. But a balance of both styles is most effective. Text is superior at deciphering details and getting actual calls and click through. This is stressed with most internet marketing services. Video is nice, but text seems to remain the king.